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Diet and nutrition affect every aspect of your pet's life: from nutrition essentials, to feeding basic, to your pet's social life.


Facts about Feeding Dogs

Adding human food to a nutritionally balanced commercial dog food may upset the nutrient balance of your dog's diet. Ideally, table scrap should not be fed.

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Feeding Basics

Sometimes it can be hard to get a dog to eat his complete and balanced dog food. This can be a problem, especially if it means your dog is not getting enough nutrition or is getting the wrong nutrition from somewhere else.

Feeding Older Dogs

The main objectives in the feeding of an older dog should be to maintain health and optimum body weight, slow or prevent the development of chronic disease, and minimize or improve clinical signs of diseases that may already be present.

How to Choose a Healthy Dog Food

Current research indicates that dogs can eat a wide variety of foods, both animal and vegetable, and still be healthy. But dogs still have a fairly high need for protein.

Nutrition for Inactive Dogs

Dogs that don't get much exercise don't need as many calories as dogs that do. You should pay attention to your dog's energy level, potential reasons your dog's energy level might change and things you can do to keep your less active dog fit.

Raw Food Basics

Dogs and cats have eaten raw foods ever since it was first possible to call them dogs and cats. Raw foods can add variety to a diet, as well as viable beneficial bacteria and naturally occurring enzymes.

Raw Meat Diet Misconceptions

One myth that could be threatening to our pet's health involves raw meat diets for dogs. The proponents of this belief question the wholesomeness and nutritional value of commercial pet foods.

Switching Foods

When switching a dog from one food to another, a gradual approach is often helpful. Over the course of a week, feed a mixture of old food and new.

The Definition of Well-Balanced Dog Food

A balanced dog food is one that provides all necessary nutrients in the proper quantities and, just as importantly, in the proper ratios to each other.

Two Ways to Help a Dog Lose Weight

Maintaining a dog's ideal weight is one of the most important things we can do to help our dogs live long, active and happy lives. Currently 25-30% of dogs in the U.S are overweight. 



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