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Overall look:

- Nobles are traditionally open and layered-looking.

- Needles and branches are short, stiff and bluish-green.. 

- Very long-lasting. Holds heavy ornaments. 
Decorating: Harder to hide light strings because of open branches.

- Enough space between branches to hang decorations inside as well as on the ends of branches. 

Noble Fir
Retail Price Range:
  • 2-4’ Noble Fir: $35

  • 4-5’ Noble Fir: $49

  • 5-6’ Noble Fir: $69

  • 6-7’ Noble Fir: $85

  • 7-8’ Noble Fir: $95

  • 8-9’ Noble Fir: $109

Nordmann Fir

Overall look:

- Branches grow upward, showing white undersides.

- Needles are longer than noble fir and not as tiered as noble fir.

- Naturally flocked look. Needles hold up for a long time.

- Mid-range in fragrance.


- Strong branches for heavy ornaments, but more branches make a denser tree, so most decorations will go on the outside.

- Easy to string lights on.

Retail Price Range:
  • 5-6' Nordmann Fir: $69

  • 6-7' Nordmann Fir: $85

  • 7-8' Nordmann Fir: $95



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