Alaska Mill & Feed will be hosting our 4th annual Chick Days event on Saturday, April 13th, 2018.


Getting Chicks is Easy!  (Pre-booking period is CLOSED)

· PRE-BOOK and PRE-PAY for your chicks from NOW thru March 3rd  on our website or in the store.

· Please submit THIS ORDER FORM at our front counter or simply register online at  

· Pick up date will be April 13th  (Sat 9am-12pm) at the retail store. We will NOT be holding chicks beyond April 13th. You must be able to pick up your chicks no later than April 13th at 12pm. If you are unable to pick up your chicks, you may prearrange a friend to pick them up for you.


Need Information?

We encourage everyone to take our Chicks 101 class, Chickens 201 and our Health & Safety Class which all begin on February 2nd. You must register for these classes and there are only 30 spots available for each class. Call the retail store to sign up at 907-276-6016 or sign up online at


**Alaska Mill & Feed will not be held financially liable for the expiration of live animals once they leave our retail facility. We do not offer refunds or exchanges. We will not replace live animals. All of our animals are healthy and feeding at the time of sale. Care for the live animal(s) is the responsibility of the customer once the live animal(s) leave our retail location. Alaska Mill and Feed cannot guarantee sex or breed of bird that was ordered. We will NOT be holding chicks beyond April 13th. You must be able to pick up your chicks no later than April 13th at 12pm.  Chicks that are not picked up by noon will be sold at a first come first serve basis. Birds are being vaccinated for Mareks.**

This variety is a proprietary hybrid cross of several breed lines, which will yield 280+ colored eggs per year on a green to blue spectrum, depending upon the individual pullet. If you are looking for something different, which will lay at a competitive level, try our ColorPack Layer. Actual feather color may vary, as this is a hybrid cross of three breed lines. Not related in any way to the Americana, or Araucana.

The Black Sex Link variety was developed by crossing a Rhode Island Red male with a Barred Rock female. This breed line is a proprietary cross. This bird is also known for its cold hardiness and gentle disposition.

If you are looking for a different color pattern than that of our brown high production egg layers, consider our Black Sex Link.

The NOVOgen Brown is a Red Sex-Link. This particular breed has been developed in France, derived from a cross between Rhode Island Red and Leghorn genetics. The NOVOgen Brown is a brown egg-layer which produces a beautiful large to extra large dark brown egg.

• A prolific egg-layer
• Estimated 395 eggs in 72 weeks of lay
• 50 percent production at week 20
• Peak production 93-95 percent
• Excellent feed conversion ratio
• Easy to manage, calm disposition
• Excellent shell strength with dark brown eggshell coloring
• Has been bred to adapt to different conditions, allowing them to produce well in housing or to thrive on free range.

This unique breed resembles the Blue Plymouth Rock, Lavender Orpington, Blue Australorp, or Blue Andalusian breeds and is imported from the Czech Republic. A proprietary heritage/hybrid cross of a native Andalusian male and a Plymouth Barred Rock female, this breed pastures very well. With a feather color that is bluish gray with flecks of black, it will produce 290+ large to extra large brown eggs per year. Color sexable at hatch.

The Cornish Cross Broiler is a very unique and remarkable bird. We think of it as the BBB—big breasted broiler– it has very broad breasts, large thighs, beautiful white plumage and yellow skin. Its rapid growth is remarkable, along with great feed efficiency. You can actually see it grow before your eyes. Our fast growing meat type can’t equal them anywhere! Pullet can weight 5.96lbs in 56 days. St. Run 6.74 lbs in 56 days, Cox 7.57 lbs in 56 days. Excellent feed conversion.


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