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Country Garden Farms’ small rolls of Bluegrass lawn
sod are 2’ by 5’ rolled slabs of primarily Nugget or Kenai
Kentucky bluegrass turf. This widely adapted basic
lawn grass can be used for residential and commercial
lawns, golf courses, sports fields, play areas, parks,
cemeteries, and roadsides. Turf is mowed to 1” to 2”
before harvest, and the soil attached to turf rhizomes
is 0.75” to 1” thick. In accordance with Turfgrass
Producers International standards, minimal noxious
weeds, other grasses, holes, cuts, bare patches, or
other defects shall be present. Turfgrass is harvested
on Alaskan farmland ¬and supplied by Country
Garden Farms. Turfgrass is free of damage or defects
when delivered to the shipper or customer.


Turfgrass sod shall be installed by the Contractor on
prepared topsoil. Prepared topsoil is recommended
to be a minimum of 4” to 6” deep over subsoil with
drainage; rolled and raked to a smooth, firm,
consistent surface; sloped appropriate to the site
and nearby structures; and have a pH of 6.5-7.5. In
channels, trenches, swales, or along the contour of
slopes, sod should be laid perpendicular to flow and
staked at intervals required by site conditions. All
joints shall be staggered, and sides or ends of adjacent
sod rolls shall be butted so that no opening exists for
water to pass through and so that the turf forms a
continuous, smooth surface. Turf shall be cut to fit
irregular areas with a sharp, clean serrated knife, and
staking or staggering joints should be used to secure
sod pieces smaller than 2’ by 5’ to prevent tripping or
mowing hazards. Turfgrass shall be irrigated with
0.5” to 1” of water immediately after installation to
rehydrate the grasses. No vehicles should be driven
over turfgrass, but pedestrian traffic shall be allowed
after initial irrigation.

Turfgrass sod shall be irrigated, mowed, and fertilized to
maximize turf health, resiliency, and appearance. Sod should
be mowed to a height of 1.5” - 2” with a sharp, clean rotary or
reel mower. Irrigation should be applied in deep soakings to
simulate 0.5” to 1” of rain every 5 to 7 days or as required by
conditions. Deep watering encourages root development and
reduces susceptibility to weeds, pests, and environmental
stress. Complete fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphate, and
potassium should be applied twice per year, in spring and fall,
per fertilizer manufacturer instructions. 2.5-4 lbs of actual
nitrogen per 1000 sq. ft. are recommended annually.



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