Plant a Row for the Hungry

Saturday, May 18th


Where: Alaska Mill & Feed Garden Center

Growing Goodness in Your Garden!

Starving for a chance to make a difference in your community? Help take a bite out of hunger in our community by participating in PLANT A ROW (PAR) in 2019. Whether it’s one pot or one row, any amount can make a difference.

Why Donate?

Obesity continues to be a serious health concern in Alaska. According to the State of Alaska Obesity and Prevention Control Program, in 2011, 65% of adults were overweight or obese with a high rate of child and young adult obesity. Produce from your garden will be putting healthy food within reach for those who may not afford healthy fresh vegetables.

We will NOT be accepting donations at the Mill this year, as we do not have a refrigerator to store the product. We are asking everyone to drop off donations at Food Bank of Alaska or Bean's Cafe. Thank you to everyone who has participated. 

Plant a Row for the Hungry (PAR) is a national program sponsored by The Garden Writers Association that encourages garden communities and individuals to donate fresh vegetables, fruit, and herbs to people in need. Alaska Mill and Feed is a proud Plant A Row partner and we love supporting the cause to help those within our community. 


Just harvest and deliver produce to the drop off locations: Food Bank of Alaska or Bean's Cafe. We will not be accepting drop offs at Alaska Mill and Feed as we do not have a refrigerator to store the produce. We are asking everyone to deliver direct to Food Bank of Alaska or Bean's Cafe.

Important Safety Guidelines.

We cannot accept produce grown with animal manure not composted to USDA Organic standards or sprayed with pesticides within two weeks of harvest.


Guidelines for Handling Fresh Fruits and Vegetables:

Please keep in mind this fabulous produce is going out to individuals and organizations for quick consumption; for this reason we ask that you follow the guidelines below.

  • Please visually inspect produce for dirt and bugs before donating.

  • Please wash or brush away any visible dirt.

  • Pick early in the day for best quality.

  • After harvest move produce quickly into shade and keep cool. (Tomatoes do not need refrigeration.)

  • For delicate produce like tomatoes and berries, avoid deep containers; the weight on top damages the produce below.

  • Deliver soon after harvest to retain quality.

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