Joel with Jesse & Jolie



Joel joined the Alaska Mill and Feed Team in 1984. As President, he oversees and is responsible for both the wholesale and retail operations at Alaska Mill and Feed. His degree is in Public Relations and Business marketing from Montana State University.

Joel grew up on a farm in Montana and moved to Alaska to enjoy the outdoors and especially to fish! Jessie is a service dog for Joel’s son Chandler and Jolie is his faithful companion. Their favorite food is Acana Regionals Dog Food!  “Trusted by Pet lovers worldwide!”

Kimberly with Holly & Riley

Vice President

Kimberly joined the Alaska Mill and Feed Team in 2011.  As Sales Manager, she oversees our wholesale team to provide our customers with the right mix of products, knowledge, and customer service. Her background is in Animal Science.

Kimberly grew up on a farm in Michigan and has always had animals in her life. Holly and Riley, both rescue dogs, love life in Alaska, and are official “lab testers” on new products.  Both dogs love Acana Regionals Dog Food!

#ILoveTheMill for the best pet treats and food in the state!

LeeLani French

Human Resources


LeeLani started working for Alaska Mill & Feed in January of 2012. She was a customer long before she was an employee.


She appreciates working for AMF/AGP because of the reputation they have within the Anchorage community, the excellent customer service, and great co-workers. She says it's "exciting to work in a progressive environment where management is innovative and continually bringing in new products."

LeeLani's hobbies include: Gardening, Pet Advocacy and Rescue, and spending time with her friends.

She has a dog named Monkey and two cats Millie & Beamer.

Kelly Fuller

Store Manager


"I began my journey with Alaska Mill & Feed in 2000. I have been around for many wonderful changes and have had the pleasure of watching this company grow in so many ways.


I came to the company because it was locally owned and I have stayed because of the wonderful people & Furry companions I have met along the way. I now can say that I am part owner of a great company and it makes me proud.

I was born and raised here and just love Alaska and all that it has to offer. I enjoy Softball, Camping &

Gardening in the summer and snow machining and downhill skiing in the winter.

I have 2 fur babies that are rescues, Mishka and Snowflake."


Kim Coffelt

Store Supervisor/Bush Orders


Kim started working at Alaska Mill & Feed in January of 2006.


She likes working at Alaska Mill and Feed because "we have a great team" and she enjoys the interaction with our customers and their pets.

Kim's hobbies inclue: Camping, Spending time with her family and dogs, Nebraska Cornhusker Football, and Reading

Kim has a Short-Haired Miniature Dachshund that was a foster, Reba, and a Australian shepherd, Aurora.

Asia Pritchett

Garden Center Supervisor/Retail Clerk


Asia has worked for Alaska Mill and Feed since July of 2015. "Like many lifelong Alaskan, Alaska Mill and Feed has been part of my world since childhood. My parents raised chickens, turkeys, hogs, horses and various other animals when I was growing up. My favorite part of visiting the store was getting to visit the baby chicks and ducklings that used to be kept where the doggy diner is now.

My parents instilled in me a lover of gardening at a young age. I love plants of any kind. I've shopped at Alaska Mill and Feed for years during the summer months. The quality and selection of plants has always been my favorite in town."

Asia's hobbies inclue: Gardening, Cooking, Beading, Spending time with her family, and caring for her collection of house plants.

She has two cats, a big orange and white cat names Creamsicle and a little old tortoiseshell named Tiger. 

Sheila Macias

Outside Sales/Wholesale Office Customer Service


Sheila has worked for Alaska Mill and Feed for 9 years starting in September of 2008. She started in the Wholesale Office and is now part of the Wholesale Sales Team. Sheila works for Alaska Mill and Feed because she enjoys the customers and have gotten to know many of them by name over the years. She says being in sales is exciting. She enjoys traveling to see our customers and helping them grow their business.

A little background on Sheila: she has 14 years of landscaping experience and has owned her own business! She is a Master Gerdener and has 9 flower beds with 38 varieties of lilies, 26 of columbine, white fireweed and more. She also has a home vegetable garden. (So, we know who to go to with those plant questions...thanks Sheila!)

She has a very sweet and stubborn 3 year old Malamute, Teddy...and she loves him!

Her hobbies include: going into the back country of Alaska, camping out, hunting for rocks, fossils, agates is her idea of a great vacation. When she's home, she loves relaxing in her garden.

Jon Lifson

Information Systems Technician


Jon is been part of the Alaska Mill and Feed since May of 2017.


He says he likes working for Alaska Mill and Feed because it's a family environment and everyone is so inviting to be around. "Working for Alaska Mill and Feed means a lot to me because I can use my skill set that I have learned over the many years in the tech industry.

Jon's hobbies consist of bowling, hiking, fishing, golfing (when he can), repairing electronic devices to include soldering and micro-soldering.

He has 1 pet names Xiphos and he is a 5 1/2 year old Black Great Dane. Jon and his wife brought him in their adventure from the lower 48 and he drove with Jon on his 5,100 mile journey to Alaska!

Amanda Siverson

Wholesale Purchasing Agent


Amanda joined the Alaska Mill and Feed team in May of 2016.


She loves working as a buyer for the wholesale divison because it allows her to utilize her strengths on a daily basis. From critical thinking to organization and numbers...she always feels like she's accomplished something at the end of the day. Plus...she loves dogs, so it's a bonus!

Amanda's hobbies include: spending time with her family and pups, camping, boating, rafting, going for drives, traveling, long walks on warm sandy beaches, learning about other cultures and working in the music industry as an event coordinator.

She has three rescue pups! Two 8 year old Shih Tzus and a 4 year old Shih Tzu/Schnauzer Mix.

Steve Coulter

Productions Manufacturing Manager


Steve joined the Alaska Mill and Feed team in July of 2007.


Steve enjoys working for Alaska Mill and Feed because every day is a new challenge and the people he works with keep things fun and interesting. "Working here also affords me the opportunity both financially and in terms of time availability to pursue my competitive shooting goals."

In any spare time he has, he tries to spend at the shooting range. He shoots competitively in USPSA, 2-gun, 3-gun, and Steel Challenge.

He has 3 German Shepherds (Sam, Eva and Havok)

Morinda Finley



Morinda started working at Alaska Mill & Feed in July of 2017. She began as the receptionist or the 'voice of the mill' as we call it, and since then has moved into our pricing department.


She says she loves the 'employee-owned' atmosphere; people see the need to work hard and together. She enjoys that everyone has a common goal of seeing this company grow and prosper.

Morinda has 2 dogs, Tuk and Gypsy and 1 cat, cookie.

Haley Lundak

Wholesale Office Customer Service

Haley began working for our Wholesale Devision in July of 2017. She loves working here because everyday is different, and she's never quite sure what to expect. She loves the people she works with and our customers, and she says that making coming to work everyday that much better. She enjoys learning about all the different products we carry, she is amazed everyday by the variety of products we have to offer. 

Haley's Hobbies: "I love to spend time with my pets, go on hikes and different camping adventures year round. I also love to fish. In the summer, if I am not working, you will find me by a body of water with a fishing pole."

Haley has 3 dogs: a German Shepard/Great Pyrenees Mix named Remi who is 2 years old, a Lab/Pitbull mix named Billy who is also 2 years old, and a Dachshund named Penny who is 15.

Andy Lord

Outside Sales

Andy started working for Alaska Mill and Feed in February of 2012.


He likes working for the Mill because he enjoys working for a company, which in what he does, makes a difference. Andy is loyal and honest as the day is long and we are happy to have him as a part of our team. 


Hobbies? He enjoys fishing, hiking, and vacationing


Any Pets? Ceramic Dog 

Yang Thao

Retail Store Supervisor

Yang started working for Alaska Mill and Feed in September of 2016. We simply asked Yang what does working for Alaska Mill & Feed mean to you and this was his response:

"Working for Alaska Mill and Feed means that, I, as an employee will offer the best customer service and will use my knowledge of product to help customers find what is best for their pets. I really like working here because we have a good team of employees and most of the customers he has encountered have been really nice. Since we are employee owned, I really feel like I'm working for myself."

Yang's hobbies include: fishing, camping, and four wheeling 

He has an English Bulldog named Bubba, and he just turned a year old this January. He's grown a lot but Yang says he's still a big puppy to him. He tries to bring him in to the store every now and then to play (we love when Bubba comes to visit).

Yang moved to Anchorage from Fresno, California back in 2012 to help out his sister and brother-in-law, and he's been here every since. He likes to think its the job that keeps him here, but really it's the lush green mountains with their stream full of salmon every year.

Brooke Shortridge

Marketing Coordinator/Retail Store Supervisor

Brooke started working for Alaska Mill and Feed in September of 2015. She graduated from Western State Colorado University in 2013 with a BA in Business Administration and minor in Photography. Why did you chose to work for Alaska Mill & Feed?

"I was extremely lucky to get this job. I was moving to AK, with never even visiting, and landed an interview with the Mill before I moved up here. The second day I was ever in AK is when I had my interview, and later that week I was offered the job. I accepted and haven't left since. I love working here, because of the people I work with. The job is definitely something new everyday and with our busy schedule...time flies! Being an employee owner makes me feel like I have a purpose every day when I walk into work and makes me feel like my work has a direct impact on the success of this company and the success of my future."

Brooke's Hobbies: She loves running, camping, biking, and just about everything that involves being outside! She was a competitive figure skater up until college.

She grew up with a Cockatiel named Cinnamon, and 2 Pomeranians, Rascal and Marley. No pets now, but hopes to get a puppy sooner rather than later.

Allison Castillo

Retail Clerk/Design

My name is Allison Castillo, and I have been with Alaska Mill and Feed since May of 2016. Working for the Mill means that I  am a part of something larger than myself and as an individual I can make a significant difference. Being a part of this company or family I should say, I have experienced and seen what makes this company so special. Alaska Mill looks out for the best interest of their employees. The people here want you to strive in the company and in life whether that is taking classes they teach or taking classes to finish up your degree. People that make up this company genuinely care about one another and that is hard to find in a workplace but I found it here. All these reasons is why I love working at Alaska Mill and Feed!


Some interesting facts about myself is I was born in Cusco, Peru and was adopted at 6 months with my twin sister and raised here in Alaska. I have 3 college degrees; Associate of Arts, Digital Art and Design and a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. I began working at Alaska Mill and Feed as a seasonal worker and am now a part of the marketing crew doing graphic design, which I love doing. My time away from the mill you can find me spending quality time with my family. I love to travel whether that is taking a road trip to Seward or Homer!  I do not have any pets, but my mom use to foster dogs from Friends of Pets and would bring them home, so I guess in that respect you could say I’ve had many! I love animals though, and if I could have one at this point I would. 



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