2020 Class Schedule

Our 2020 Fall Class Schedule is Live. We will be hosting all of our Fall Classes online on Facebook Live. You can join in the live videos on the Facebook Event pages. These classes are free of charge. If you cannot attend the class time scheduled, we will post the live video on our Facebook news feed

September 11th: Planting Fall Bulbs


Join us for our Planting Fall Bulbs Class on Friday, September 11th @1pm. Our instructor will go over the differences between Spring and Fall bulbs, how and when to plant bulbs and where to plant your fall bulbs! This is a great beginner class for anyone who is new to bulbs.

September 17th: Bring the Fun of Gardening Indoors


Join us on Thursday, September 17th at 1pm for our Indoor Gardening class. Our Bring the Fun of Gardening Indoors class will be held as a Facebook live video. Learn the best practices for bringing your outdoor plants indoors and what grows best inside during the Fall and Winter season.

September 18th: Putting Your Garden Beds to Rest


In this class, we will go over the best way to overwinter your garden beds. We will discuss which plants to divide, which plants to cut down and when, and also mulching beds for winter.

September 18th: Pruning 101


This class is a basic class explaining pruning of trees and shrubs.  When to prune, how to prune and why.

October 2nd: Wild Bird 101 Class


Join us on Friday, September 25th @2pm for our Wild Bird 101 class on Facebook live.

Our Wild Bird Class will be a discussion of the types of wild birds that migrate through Alaska and which birds eat what type of our bird seed.

October 2nd: Winterizing your Chickens


Join us on Friday for our Winterizing Chickens virtual class. In this class, we will go over everything you need to know to get your chickens ready for the Alaskan winters!

This will be hosted as a Live Facebook Class.



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