Hog Rations

Today’s swine require sound nutrition to keep pace with their potential for improved productivity. Successfully managing their potential requires the best nutrition. At Alaska Garden & Pet Supply, we share your pig pride by working hard every day to provide you with the very best nutrition for your pigs.

Pig Starter

Pig Starter ration provides the protein, vitamins and minerals that a young pig requires. As an added benefit we medicate the formula to give your piglets the best start at life. Use as a weaning ration to approximately 50 pounds.

Sow Ration

Sow Ration is formulated for prolific sows that depend on quality nutrition to achieve superior results. Feed is for lactating sows at a rate of 10 to 20 pounds per head per day for lactating sows. Gestating sows should be limited to 5 pounds per head per day depending on body condition.

Swine Concentrate

Swine Concentrate provides 40% protein, vitamins and minerals that a hog requires. Mix thoroughly with ground grain.

Hog Grower Finisher

Hog Grower Finisher is made with high quality grains. The ration provides the proteins, vitamins and minerals that a hog requires with added lysine. Complete Hog Grower Finisher provides the necessary nutrition for bringing hogs to market quickly. Feed as a complete ration from 50 pounds to the desired market weight. We also offer a new natural formula which offers the same great nutrition without corn or soy added.